Foundation Course For NEET Biology For Class 10(new book unused) in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu for sale


MRP - 225
Selling price -130
Brand new book
This book, Foundation Course for NEET Biology (Class 10), will work as the base on which students can build their NEET ambition. It provides those fundamental concepts that students miss or fail to understand till they reach Classes 11 and 12. This book will not only ground students well for medical entrance examinations, but also prepare them for school exams prior to their NEET
Salient Features
1. As per the CBSE/NCERT Syllabus
2. Covers the class 10 syllabus according to the latest NEET pattern
3. Concepts are explained in a well-structured and lucid manner, using simple language
4. All exercise questions are structured as per the NEET exam question paper
5. Exercise questions are graded into Level I and Level II. Gradual increase in the difficulty level of questions to make students more comfortable while studying
• Level I based on Elementary questions
• Level II based on Conceptual questions
6. Solution to all exercise questions have been provided
7. The style of writing used is instructional, so that the students can study on their own at their own pace.
8. Two Mock Test Papers at the end of the Book with Answers

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